1. Luxury Preowned Watches, Your Time Has Come: Luxury watches are in demand as alternative investments. Buyers are paying high premiums for preowned models from top brands, as well as from leading independents like F.P.Journe and De Bethune, with the expectation that the value of these watches will continue to rise. – Read More on BCG

2. How AI could write our laws: The danger of microlegislation—a danger greatly exacerbated by AI—is that it can be used in a way that makes it difficult to figure out who the legislation truly benefits. – Read More on MIT Tech Review

3. H&M Launches US Resale Platform With ThredUp to Cut Fashion Waste: H&M will start its first resale platform in the US market, H&M Pre-Loved, on Tuesday with around 30,000 items of used women’s and kids’ clothing and accessories on – Read More on Bloomberg

4. Metaverse Fashion Is on the Rise: There are a few main markets for on-chain fashion: (1) Consumers who purchase NFTs to wear in the metaverse, (2) gamers on popular platforms like Roblox, (3) digital art collectors who buy these assets for speculation, and (4) social media users of platforms like TikTok who will dabble with AR filters and digital tailoring. – Read More on Coin Desk

5. London fears losing luxury shoppers to Paris and Milan: “We’ve heard from some brands that they’re prioritizing Paris for investment in stores,” Steve Medway, CEO of the Knightsbridge and King’s Road Partnerships, said in light of tax breaks that still offer consumers a way to cut the cost of their purchases. – Read More on Reuters

6. Silicon Valley Bank parent, CEO, CFO are sued by shareholders for fraud: SVB Financial Group and two top executives were sued on Monday by shareholders who accused them of concealing how rising interest rates would leave its SVB unit, which failed last week, “particularly susceptible” to a bank run. – Read More on Reuters