1. The Future of Fashion Branding for Gen Z? Be as Wacky and Weird as You Can. For Gen Z, absurdity sells because it taps into 3 psychological needs: (i) Novelty; (ii) uniqueness (given what we know about Gen Z screen time and how unforgivingly brief online attention allocation is, it’s no wonder everybody’s interested in MSCHF’s Big Red Boots); and (iii) escape. – Read More on Inc. 

2. Zara Extends Lead Over H&M, Faces Down Threat from Shein: The perception among shoppers that Zara is more upmarket than H&M has also given the brand more leeway to increase prices at a time of cost inflation, analysts say. – Read More on the WSJ

3. ICYMI: The Unintended Consequences of Right-to-Repair Laws. The right-to-repair legislation may in some instances lead manufacturers to flood the market with cheap goods, thereby damaging the environment, and in other instances lead manufacturers to dramatically raise the price of goods, thereby hurting consumers. – Read More on HBR

4. RELATED READ: As the “Right to Repair” Movement Gains Steam, What Does it Mean for Luxury?  Rolex is, of course, not the only luxury watchmaker that takes such a stance on parts and/or services, a position that could be problematic from an anti-tying perspective. – Read More on TFL

5. How AI Is Changing Artistic Creation and Challenging IP Laws: Questions about the moral implications of AI have left artists divided, and concerns about plagiarism to data privacy have been raised. – Read More on Yahoo

6. Bar exam score shows AI can keep up with “human lawyers,” researchers say: AI can now outperform most law school graduates on the bar exam, the grueling two-day test aspiring attorneys must pass to practice law in the U.S., according to a new study from researchers at Stanford. – Read More on Reuters