Image: Gucci

1. The Most Important Media Businesses of the (Past and) Future: Disney has a brand that actually matters to consumers, owns franchises that consumers essentially treat like subscription content services, and operates the biggest star-making platforms in the world. And as strong as this platform was at the start of 2019, it exited the year even stronger. – Read More on Matthew Ball (via 2pm)

2. RETRO READ: From Gucci to Supreme: Fashion Brands Are Tapping into Disney’s $60 Billion Merch Machine. Disney relies heavily on licensing partnerships, such as those with Gucci or Sephora or Supreme (the latter of which debuted a small Mickey capsule in 2009) not for purely practical (i.e., manufacturing) purposes, it enlists the help of third-parties to ensure the enduring relevance of its intellectual property assets over time, including by bringing them to audiences that range in age and discretionary income. – Read More on TFL

3. Luxury Brands Hit The Discount Racks: For luxury brands, already facing an extended dip in revenues since 2019, eCommerce has become a refuge, one that may have to support operations for an indeterminate period. – Read More on PYMNTS

4. It’s All So … Premiocre. Anybody can track in intimate detail how the wealthy and stylish spend their money via social media, and just when you’ve learned exactly what you can’t have, the internet swoops in to offer a look-for-less utopia of counterfeits, rip-offs, and discount cashmere sweaters, perfectly keyed to the performance of a lifestyle that young Americans desperately want but can’t afford. – Read More on the Atlantic

5. What’s trending: Experts decode Gen Z. For one thing, the cold, hard truth about climate change and its impact has not been lost on many Gen Z’ers and it’s influencing the brands they support and the items they buy. – Read More on Modern Retail

6. A Coronavirus and Retail Reality Check From A.P.C.’s Always Candid Jean Touitou: “Shops are closed; therefore appetite can’t be analyzed. Oh, yes, it can a bit be seen through e-comm? Well, so far it’s down like playing a 45 rpm vinyl at a 33 rpm speed.” – Read More on Vogue

7. Japanese beauty and skincare still reigns supreme: It’s clear that the worldwide beauty industry is constantly finding inspiration from Japan. This is perhaps most evident in the way the industry is now interacting with the environment; for many companies, making our beauty routines more sustainable has become paramount. – Read More on Dazed