1. Companies scramble to incorporate generative AI in products: Technologies like ChatGPT and image generators such as Dall-E 2 and Stable Diffusion have captured the imagination of the tech industry and beyond. – Read More on Axios

2. Can clothes ever be fully recycled? Just 1% of recycled clothes are turned back into new garments. While charity shops, textiles banks and retailer “take-back” schemes help to keep those donated clothes in wearable condition in circulation, the capabilities of recycling clothes at end-of-life are currently limited. – Read More on the BBC

3. Four Companies That May Show a Path for ‘Recession-Proof’ Fashion: Since November 2022, Bottega bags also boast a “certificate of craft,” meaning buyers are entitled to lifetime warranty and unlimited repairs. – Read More on the WSJ

4. Three pandemic retail tech trends that have lost their luster: Meta don’t seem to be that confident in livestreaming’s growth. The live shopping feature on Instagram was made widely available to businesses and creators in 2020 but was just recently axed. – Read More on Modern Retail

5. Balaan accounts for nearly half of all online luxury goods sales in Korea: Balaan said Tuesday it racked up 680 billion won ($513.4 million) in transactions last year, up sharply from 315 billion won in 2021, as more people purchased luxury bags and other high-end items through the online platform. – Read More on Korea Times

6. The SPAC Fad Is Ending in a Pile of Bankruptcies and Fire Sales: At least eight businesses that went public through mergers with “blank-check” companies have sought protection from creditors. – Read More on Bloomberg