Image: Miu Miu

1. The Retail Metaverse is Heating Up. Here’s How Small Businesses Can Benefit: As a first step towards blurring the lines of the physical and digital, many online retailers have already added augmented reality to their e-commerce platforms. – Read More on Forbes

2, Greenwashing UK fashion firms to be named and shamed by watchdog: “According to our research, something like 60% of people had said they were either likely to or fairly likely to be willing to pay more for products.” – Read More on the Guardian

3. RELATED READ: Greenwashing Within the Fashion Industry is the UK’s Next Target. The CMA indicated that it will investigate fashion industry marketing statements that relate to environmental friendliness of apparel and footwear, including claims, for example, that articles of clothing are “environmentally friendly” or “sustainable.” – Read More on TFL

4. How Miu Miu Made the World’s Skimpiest Luxury Outfit a Viral Success: The Miu Miu set is an interesting case study of fashion that syncs with youth-led internet culture, rather than speaking to the same old clients who generally shop at high-end boutiques. – Read More on the WSJ

5. Inflation: A ‘retail ice age’ is emerging, expert says. All retail categories are inflated in the US Department of Commerce. So, it was up 3/10 of a percent overall. – Read More on Yahoo

6. Alexa Chung to close fashion label, citing ‘challenging’ conditions: Despite being stocked in Selfridges and Bergdorf Goodman, supply chain issues hit Chung’s business during the pandemic. – Read More on the Guardian