1. Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Over Ownership of $1.47 Million NFT: James Cott, a magistrate judge for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, dismissed the case and wrote that Free Holdings had failed to establish its claims of ownership and injury. – Read More on the New York Times

2. Justices to consider international reach of U.S. trademark law: The justices will have to apply a modern two-step test – and a 70-year-old case – to determine whether a federal law applies extraterritorially to the Lanham Act, the federal trademark law that was passed in 1946 – a point at which the global economy was far less interconnected than it is today. – Read More on SCOTUS blog

3. Samsung wins jury trial in ‘S10’ trademark lawsuit: Samsung convinced a Los Angeles federal jury on Friday that its Galaxy S10 phones do not violate the trademark rights of a talent-management agency that also uses the “S10” name. – Read More on Reuters

4. Luxury Brand Telfar Lets Consumer Demand Set Its Prices: “This will give us information about how much of each product we should order in the future,” Radboy says. “And the larger the order, the cheaper it costs to manufacture.” – Read More on Fast Co.

5. The growing market for immersive luxury goods in the metaverse: These new immersive experiences raise a number of intellectual property issues. If a manufacturer offers its products physically as well as digitally, it must extend its IP strategy to the digital world. – Read More on Global Legal Post

6. How AI is Disrupting the Fashion Industry Today: The highest potential for companies will come from their ability to merge these types of tools with their own systems and create activations tailored to their own needs. – Read More on Forbes