Image: Abercrombie

1. SHEIN Solidifying Fast-Fashion Lead Over Amazon, Rivals: Resourceful rivals are doing their best to level set apparel economics currently favoring SHEIN’s hard-to-duplicate global fast-fashion model, similar to brands like H&M, UNIQLO and Zara. – Read More on PYMNTS

2. Secondhand Luxury is Key for China’s First Time Buyers: Consumer attitudes towards buying secondhand luxury have softened considerably in China, with millennials and Gen-Zers far less bothered by the idea than their older peers. – Read More on Jing Daily

3. RELATED READ: China’s Luxury Resale Segment is Expected to Grow into a $154 Billion Market. While the sale of new luxury goods on the Chinese mainland continues to command the focus of brands and analysts, alike, China’s resale market warrants increased attention, “as young and internet-savvy consumers, who are also environmentally conscious, are looking for affordable high-end goods through secondhand luxury trading platforms.” – Read More on TFL

4. Apparel brands like Abercrombie and Birdies are betting on athletic wear: Last year, activewear apparel was up 37% in year-over-year sales, and sport-leisure footwear like lifestyle sneakers captured over a third of all footwear revenue in 2021 and was the most popular shoe subcategory. – Read More on Modern Retail

5. Putin’s $14,000 coat, Zelensky’s green T-shirts, Macron’s air force hoodie send a message to the world: “Remember that how power is displayed changes over the years and can be quite different from one era to the next.” Perhaps we are witnessing one of those shifts. – Read More on SCMP