Image: Dior

1. Shopping in the Metaverse Could Be More Fun Than You Think: Creating and selling virtual items for avatars is one way Roblox users can make money. About 30% of the sale goes to the creator of the item, 40% goes to the seller of the item and 30% goes to Roblox. – Read More on CNET

2. How to build a luxury lane in the metaverse: The Asia-Pacific, the heart of the world’s luxury market, is not surprisingly home to the highest number of gamers, at 1.5 billion, who generate a whopping $78 billion in revenue. Meanwhile, 41% of gamers in the U.S. are women. – Read More on Forbes

3. Global Luxury Spending Could Decline Due to the Ukraine War: “We see a more likely, immediate, and relevant impact on Russians personal luxury spending locally, strongly driven by local currency devaluation and restrictions in place.” – Read More on PENTA

4. RELATED READ: Russia May Look to the Grey Market as Supply Runs Low Amid Sanctions, Boycotts.Depending on how long the side-effects of Russian sanctions last, including the bottomed-out ruble and significant shipping/supply quagmires (and chances are this is not a temporary situation), the luxury goods ecosystem in Russia may begin to mirror that of China. – Read More on TFL

5. Walmart: E-Commerce Growth Could Accelerate in the Future. Higher inflation and higher oil prices could also accelerate Walmart’s e-commerce business growth. With higher oil prices, more people could potentially order online due to the cost savings from not driving. – Read More on Seking Alpha