Image: Boohoo

1. Retailers and Landlords Clash Over What Counts as a Sale: Landlords are increasingly offering deals in which retailers pay a percentage of their monthly sales in rent, rather than a fixed amount. But there is a sticking point. Some landlords want to include a portion of online sales in the new leases, arguing that physical stores play an important role in many of these transactions. – Read More on the WSJ

2. Blockchain’s Promising Future in Battling Counterfeit Luxury Goods: With counterfeits are on the rise, leading luxury retailers are now turning to blockchain technologies in an effort to douse the flames. – Read More on

3. RELATED READ: NFTs can authenticate ownership of a token itself, as well as the unique history of how such token was developed and linked to a creative work. However, a simple NFT by itself cannot help with matching the creator or owner of an NFT to a real person in the physical world, nor does it validate that the creator of the NFT has the underlying rights to tie that NFT to any specific creative work. – Read More on TFL

4. How the Pandemic has Affected Garment Workers Around the World: “A lot of brands simply don’t consider the people who make their products as their workers. The pandemic has exacerbated a lot of glaring problems that exist in the fashion system—this needs to be a turning point.” – Read More on Vogue

5. Boohoo Cuts U.K. Suppliers as Part of Labor Cleanup Efforts: Boohoo Group Plc, the online fashion retailer, is cutting more than 400 companies from its supplier network following a critical report last year on labor practices at some of those businesses. The action follows the termination of at least 64 factories that couldn’t meet new enhanced labor standards, the consolidation of some suppliers and the elimination of subcontracting. – Read More on Bloomberg

6. Amazon calls on India not to alter e-commerce investment rules: New Delhi has been considering revising e-commerce foreign investment rules for weeks. The last time they were changed, in 2018, it forced Amazon and Flipkart to rework their business structures and soured trade relations between India and the U.S. – Read More on Reuters