1. ‘Dressing digitally’ pins hope on blockchain to clean up fashion’s carbon footprint: Web3 innovations can cut waste from overproduction by using blockchain solutions to streamline workflows and allowing customers the ability to try on clothing in virtual environments before committing to making a purchase. – Read More on Yahoo

2. Luxury Brands Take eBay Style Pricing Model for Test Drive: Luxury brands typically employ three strategies to maintain their brand image: price discipline, volume restraint, and exponential price-quality trade-off. Price discipline involves convincing consumers that luxury goods are valuable, but not necessarily expensive. – Read More on PYMNTS

3. RETRO READ: High Prices, Stalwart Storytelling, Relative Covetability: What is it that Defines Modern Luxury? With a definition of “luxury” that is being ever-diversified and is possibly more fluid – and less defined by traditional metrics – than ever before, analysts and industry insiders have taken to questioning what – exactly – luxury in the modern market really entails. – Read More on TFL

4. How “Blurred Lines” has reshaped pop music: A decade on, the controversial song still influences how artists approach explicit content and musical copyright. – Read More on the Economist

5. Apparel Retailers Turn to Chips to Track Merchandise in Stores: Apparel sellers American Eagle, Victoria’s Secret, and Nordstrom are among merchants expanding their use of a new generation of RFID chips to close an information gap in supply chains. – Read More in the WSJ

6. Alphabet seeks dismissal of US antitrust lawsuit over Google’s online ads: The government, which filed the ad tech lawsuit in January along with eight states, had argued that Google should be forced to sell its ad manager suite. Google has denied any wrongdoing. – Read More on Reuters