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1. The Future of Retail is Already Here: Whether “normalcy” is really on its way back (or will ever return) is still an open question. But even if how we consume has changed forever, we’ll always need more stuff. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. Why Retail is at a Crossroads: Despite the fact that most shoppers are still averse to “go shopping,” it is likely they will go out and spend some money. Certainly, the government hopes they will do that in order to jumpstart the economy. Those easy comparisons will be true for the next two quarters. – Read More on Forbes

3. Federal appeals court rules for France in ‘’ trademark dispute: The French government didn’t engage in commercial activity that would negate its sovereign immunity when it won the rights to the domain name in French court from Inc., the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled. – Read More on Reuters

4. Where Pent-Up Demand Is Strongest (and Weakest) in a Post-Pandemic Economy: Millennials – and, to some extent, Gen Z adults – will bolster the post-pandemic economy. Millennials are the most eager to return to everyday activities, including going to the movies and sporting events, traveling abroad, going back to the gym and even traveling for work. – Read More on Morning Consult

5. What brands can learn about pricing luxury goods beyond all expectations from Beeple’s $69 million NFT art sale: What luxury brands need to do is estimate the added luxury value their brand delivers. And this value does not depend on the product or the competition, it depends on the perceived value the story creates. – Read More on SCMP

6. What Happens to Luxury if China Stalls? One potential risk at play: A confidence crisis in the Chinese leadership or a new policy like [China’s] anti-corruption policy from 2012 could stem the tide of luxury spending. – Read More on Jing Daily