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1. Is Radical Transparency the Future of the Fashion Industry? While the fashion industry has been historically secretive, a crop of brands are pulling back the curtain to reveal more about how their clothes are created. Often, these revelations only go so far, raising the question of whether a truly open-book approach is a good business strategy? – Read More on the WSJ

2. E-Commerce Giant Rakuten Now Lets Users Shop with Cryptocurrency: Rakuten’s ecommerce service – often referred to as “the Amazon of Japan” – has over 95 million registered users according to a JPMorgan insight report. – Read More on Coindesk

3. Can the EU Regulate Platforms Without Stifling Innovation? Europe looks like the test case for what the regulatory response to platforms’ power. The EU’s GDPR and the recently announced Digital Markets Act are setting the standard for countries around the world — and in some cases offering a cautionary tale. – Read More on HBR

4. “Supreme is selling very standard products; there is nothing new,” Stehle said. “I’m a little afraid that the fans of this brand will want to kill me for saying that right now, but it’s true. How they did that is by partnering with other brands to create even cooler versions of their products that nobody else was capable of providing such that it became exclusive content. And that is now worth $2 billion a year — selling Supreme versions of older products.” – Read More on PYMNTS

5. Luxury is a New Game. These Are the New Rules: The new game requires digital leadership, not just the digital transformations all companies must suffer. Brands also need to know how consumer sentiments are shifting because they will underestimate the competitive activities aimed at their customer base. – Read More on Jing