Image: Bottega Veneta

1. Rivals Race to Catch Nike’s Vaporfly: Competitor concerns about the shoes that might make athletes run “too fast” mounted, and World Athletics formed a group in early 2019 to study the issue. But what the governing body saw as careful deliberation, many athletes and brands saw as frustrating silence on an issue central to competition: Did Nike’s shoes provide an unfair aid that the rules had long prohibited? – Read More on WSJ 

2. What’s Holding Up Sustainable Change for Fashion Players? One of the common challenges within the fashion industry, which also applies to consumers and stakeholders, is that there is no common understanding of what a sustainable product is. – Read More on Sourcing Journal 

3. RETRO READ: The Problem with “Sustainability”? It Doesn’t Really Mean Anything. Even the FTC has “somewhat sheepishly admitted that it could not define what sustainability really means in concrete terms for marketers” or brands. – Read More on TFL 

4. How the coronavirus is affecting global fashion production, from high street brands to luxury labels: Companies and designers with factories in China are facing huge disruption to their supply chains as people are unable to return to work. “It is going to have a massive impact on the global fashion industry, far more than just in China.” – Read More on SCMP 

5. Do Luxury Houses Need Fashion Designers? Today there are still grandiose shows staged, but they largely serve as window-dressing and marketing exercises that hide the lack of ideas instead of highlighting them. – Read More on Highsnobiety 

6. RELATED READ: Can Bottega Veneta’s Daniel Lee Go Beyond the “It” Bag? Or Better Yet … Does He Need to? The full collections of garments that brands trot out every season are, more often than not, loss leaders for their beefy accessories businesses. – Read More on TFL