1. Some California ‘sweatshop’ garment workers paid as little as $1.58 an hour, says report: From July 31, 2021, to June 30, 2022, the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division conducted 50 investigations of randomly selected garment contractors in Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties to estimate the prevalence of violations within the industry. – Read More on EBT

2. Arrivederci, Gucci. The luxury logo boom is over. As the economy shifts and there’s a greater focus on sustainability, the era of the logo is coming to an end, replaced by more subtle, minimalist designs. – Read More on Fast Co. (And yes, we have seen this before, as we asked back in 2017: How Do You Sell Luxury in a Recession? You Ditch the Logos.)

3. The Metaverse Is Quickly Turning into the Meh-taverse: Walt Disney Co. has shut down the division that was developing its metaverse strategies. Microsoft Corp. recently shut down a social virtual-reality platform it acquired in 2017. And Mark Zuckerberg is focused more on AI. – Read More on the WSJ

4. How machine learning can create a more relevant, profitable e-commerce experience: By rethinking the customer journey and delivering relevant experiences tailored to each customer, e-commerce brands can create new profit streams that improve their bottom line w/o hurting their core business. – Read More on AdAge

5. The Deepfake Revolution May Bring a Media Revival: What’s notable about the leak is Prigozhin’s defense: He claims the conversation, or at least parts of it, was generated using artificial intelligence — and today, it’s impossible to prove otherwise. – Read More on Bloomberg

6. RETRO READ: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Deepfakes? Kardashian and art-centric examples of deepfakes are, of course, just the tip of the iceberg, as is the likelihood that copyright infringement and even potentially right of publicity causes of action will prove effective. – Read More on TFL