Image: David Yurman

1. How Isolating Has Changed David Yurman’s Perspective on Business: “We’re dealing with how we keep ourselves viable through this social distancing … We’re trying to figure out how we can actually still do business in this environment, how we financially survive this.” – Read More on WSJ

2. Can a greener, fairer, more sustainable fashion industry emerge from crisis? While sections of the fashion industry already knew they could not continue on their current trajectory, it was inconceivable that brands could be forced to slow down, let alone stop production altogether. But that is what has happened. – Read More on the Guardian

3. RETRO READ: Why Aren’t More Millennials Shopping Sustainably? Look at the Price Tag. Countless reports keep telling us that consumers are prioritizing sustainability, and yet, fast fashion giants’ revenues keep growing. Why? Most sustainably-created fashion is still too expensive for most consumers. – Read More on TFL

4. How responsible beauty, wellness and fashion labels are connecting with us during the Coronavirus pandemic: From a marketing, PR and communications standpoint, adapting to drastic changes as the events of the pandemic unfold has been a challenge. Goals had to be realigned with focus on public service or offering any form of support to help alleviate the current situation. – Read More on Forbes

5. For companies, the key is not only surviving the COVID-19 pandemic, but thinking about after. The real question is going to be: How many of those companies have been hurt in a terminal way, to where the change demand structure for their products over the next couple of years will actually cause them to fail, even if they’ve survived this short term shock? – Read More on Supply Chain Dive