1. Judges, not lawmakers, are setting 2023’s tech policy: Technology moves faster than Congress can keep up with, and in the absence of new laws, lasting decisions about tech regulation are being determined by judges and courts across the country. – Read More on Axios

2. Green is the new black as fashion sector fast-forwards on sustainability trend: “Companies that had better production practices in place to start with, and a better contract, were the ones (that) came through the pandemic better, so there’s a recognition that that is more and more important.” – Read More on Reuters

3. The 8 Responsibilities of Chief Sustainability Officers: From anticipating regulatory trends and their implications, and preparing the completion and communications of a company’s ESG report to promoting ongoing dialogue with internal and external stakeholders in order to develop constructive, transparent relationships. – Read More on HBR

4. China’s Newest Weapon to Nab Western Technology—Its Courts: The battle over China’s acquisition of technology has raged for years. Counterfeit products and logo look-alikes are pervasive in China. Recently, Beijing has tried to crack down on domestic companies violating the IP rights of some foreign firms. – Read More on the WSJ

5. Fashion industry can cut overproduction by 15%: The global fashion industry could reduce waste and cut costs by reducing its production levels, and prioritizing quality over quantity. A new study suggests that some fashion categories are producing as much as 15% too much output, with most of that ending up in landfill. – Read More on Consultancy UK

6. Hong Kong retail sales rise in Jan, inbound tourism to add to cheer: In January, sales of jewelry, watches, clocks and valuable gifts, which before the pandemic were mostly to tourists from mainland China, jumped 23.1% from a year earlier. – Read More on Reuters