Image: Louis Vuitton

1. Luxury lifestyle: After scooping up luxury travel pioneer Belmond, LVMH is reportedly one of a handful of parties in the running to buy the Ritz hotel in London from the feuding Barclay family for an estimated £800 million. – Read More on the Times

2. Kohl’s women’s business is one of its biggest weaknesses: Macy’s and J.C. Penney have cited similar obstacles, as fewer women are visiting department stores to buy clothes or buying less clothing altogether, and more are turning to rental options, like Rent the Runway, to build out their work wardrobes. Or they are buying used clothes, via platforms such as ThredUp and Poshmark. Amazon is also becoming a bigger force in fashion. – Read More on CNBC

3. In the Circular Economy, Products Are Designed to Be Recycled: Many business leaders and governments — including China, Japan and the U.K. — argue that we should ditch this linear system in favor of a so-called circular economy of take, make, use, reuse and reuse again and again. – Read More on Bloomberg

4. Why Louis Vuitton, MAC, Gucci are getting into gaming – and why it won’t stop any time soon: As of 2018, China’s online gaming population was made up of nearly half a billion players, with women making up more than half of this market. As such, a stream of fashion and cosmetics collaborations have hit the gaming scene recently, looking for new audiences in a $152 billion market. – Read More on SCMP 

5. RETRO READ: With the Video Game Market on Track to Reach $300 Billion, Luxury Brands Want to Make Real Money from Virtual Clothes. Given the size of the market, its ever-escalating growth rate, and the high levels of engagement that come hand-in-hand with these popular games and the related real-life events, it is not terribly surprising that Louis Vuitton and others want in. – Read More on TFL