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1. Busting the five biggest B2B e-commerce myths: Not only are corporate buyers open to e-commerce, two-thirds now rely on digital and remote channels throughout their purchasing journey. – Read More on McKinsey

2. Luxury goods: limited exposure to Ukraine war: Longer term, sanctions are unlikely to have much impact on the sector. Russian exposure is small, below that of the fast-fashion chains. LVMH derives about 1.3% of revenue from the country. Its peers are more exposed, with 2 to 5%, but still not much. – Read More on AFR

3. These Are the Companies Cutting Ties with Russia Over Ukraine: The exits reverse 30 years of investment by foreign businesses, and come amid criticism that banks and companies are doing too little. – Read More on Bloomberg

4. Fashion Embraces the Metaverse: Will 15% of our Wardrobe Become Digital? Driven by a younger audience, 72% of US consumers have accessed a virtual world in the last 12 months, with 50% of consumers expressing an interest in purchasing a digital asset. – Read More on Forbes

5. What does Russia’s war on Ukraine mean for U.S. retail? Twelve days into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the most visible impact on U.S. retail appears to be brands suspending operations in Russia, local calls for boycotts of Russian vodka and a spike in gas prices. – Read More on Retail Wire