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1. Can the Death of Skinny Jeans Save Retail? Skinny jeans account for 35% of women’s denim sales in the U.S., but they have lost their place as the gravitational center of women’s wardrobes. They are no longer the default. Wider styles are gaining market share, including one known as the “mom jean.” – Read More on Bloomberg

2. RELATED READ: Fred Segal Turned Jeans into Hot Fashion in the Early 1960s. While working as a sales director for the H.I.S sportswear brand in the early 1960s, Fred Segal had a vision: Blue jeans didn’t have to be just sturdy work pants costing a few dollars; they could be recast as a fashion item and priced at $19.95. – Read More on the WSJ

3. MyTheresa is E-Commerce for Luxury. The Stock Might Be the Cheapest Thing it Sells. The overall luxury market is growing by about 7% annually. The tailwinds put Mytheresa in an enviable position, and the company should get a further boost from its expansion in the U.S. and China, which are currently just 10% of sales each. – Read More on Barron’s

4. So long, sweatpants. Americans show signs they’re ready to get dressed up again: It’s time for retailers to pivot — again. That won’t come easily, though. Businesses continue to face congested U.S. ports and container shortages, backlogging merchandise, which will make stocking shelves with fresh outfits all the more complicated. – Read More on CNBC

5. Yeezy Gap collection is coming in the first half of 2021: Announced in June 2020, Gap Chief Executive Sonia Syngal said on the late Thursday earnings call that the timing of the collection’s arrival is “the number one question” she’s asked. – Read More on MarketWatch

6. RETRO READ: Gap, Telfar and Contract-Making in the Age of COVID-19. “While the basic premise under U.S. law is that contracts must generally be kept and performed, an extraordinary circumstance may make performance so vitally different from what was reasonably expected [that it may] relieve performance.” – Read More on TFL