1. Adidas Slashes Dividend as Problems Mount: The company has yet to decide what to do with its unsold Yeezy inventory, but has already factored in a €700 million write-off of its Yeezy sneakers into its results. One option under consideration is selling the Yeezy sneakers and donating the proceeds to good causes. – Read More on the WSJ

2. EFF Tells Supreme Court: Trademark Law Doesn’t Trump the First Amendment. Our brief focuses in particular on an activism technique called “identity correction,” a form of parody involves pretending to speak for a company or organization in a way that exposes hypocrisy or a failure to take responsibility for their actions. – Read More on EFF

3. Beyond the hype: “What businesses can really expect from the metaverse in 2023. To complete the bridge between the consumer and business metaverses in the coming years, we also expect to see more metaverse-specific products and services: avatar-driven contact center support, financial education, telehealth and new, fully immersive commerce experiences.” – Read More on PWC

4. Three E-commerce Lessons Companies Should Apply In-Store: Thanks to advances in customer purchase and behavioral data capture, consumers have come to expect a certain level of personalization throughout their online shopping experience. – Read More on Inc.

5. China’s SHEIN set to raise $2 billion, eyes US IPO later this year: The flotation, if successful, would be one of the biggest worldwide this year and a test of U.S. investor appetite for Chinese companies amid volatile capital markets and geopolitical tensions. – Read More on Reuters

6. TikTok’s China twin takes on Alibaba and Meituan in e-commerce: Having attracted hundreds of millions of users with its video-sharing product, Beijing-based ByteDance is pushing to capitalize on that following. Since 2021, the company has pushed TikTok and Douyin to promote online shopping to monetize their user traffic. – Read More on Nikkei