Image: MyTheresa

1. When Do Consumers Prefer Crowdfunded Products? Research suggests that companies financed through crowdfunding are often seem by consumers as higher quality and less elitist than products financed through VCs or other more traditional forms of start-up finance. This may explain why Amazon markets a line of Kickstarter financed products. – Read More on HBR

2. Coty’s luxury brands return to growth as restrictions ease: Sales at the company’s Prestige unit that makes Gucci lipstick and Philosophy skincare – thanks to valuable licensing deals with the brands – rose 6.5% to $600.6 million, the first rise in over a year. – Read More on Reuters

3. What a Macy’s settlement says about in-app sales commissions: Commission-based sales structures are declining in importance overall across the retail sector. Fewer retail workers are reporting that they have commissions built into their pay — instead, she said, they’re shifting toward pure hourly jobs. – Read More on Modern Retail

4. Hedge-Fund Founder Kamensky Gets Prison Sentence for Fraud Tied to Neiman Bankruptcy: The founder of hedge-fund firm Marble Ridge Capital LP, Mr. Kamensky admitted to prosecutors that last year he tried to sideline a competitor’s bid for shares of Mytheresa, a thriving e-commerce business formerly owned by Neiman Marcus, which was at the time in bankruptcy. – Read More on the WSJ

5. RELATED READ: Neiman Marcus v. Marble Ridge Capital: The Story Behind the $1 Billion-Plus Legal Battle. Beyond merely filing a countersuit, Neiman Marcus went on a PR campaign, telling the media that “for the last three months, Marble Ridge has made numerous false statements in the press, and has repeated them in [its] complaint,” and clarifying that “Neiman Marcus is not and has never been in default, and is in full compliance with the terms of its debt agreements.” – Read More on TFL