1. How Russia’s Rich Get Their Luxuries Now: One Russian report estimated that such “parallel imports” of laptops, tablets and smartphones totaled $1.5 billion last year. At the same time, Chinese cars and electronics have flooded onto the Russian market. – Read More on the New York Times

2. Fast fashion groups fall out of fashion fast. Life cycles are even tighter in online-only fast fashion. That is because barriers to entry are so low. Businesses need no special intellectual property. Only modest physical infrastructure is required. Contractors make the clothes. – Read More on the FT

3. With $10 Dresses and No Online Selling, This Budget Retailer Is Taking on America: Primark is throwing down the gauntlet to Walmart, Target and others in low-price clothing. – Read More on the WSJ

4. Jane Street, Jump Pull Back Crypto Trading Over US Regulatory Uncertainty: Regulatory uncertainty has made it difficult for firms to operate business in a way that meets internal standards. – Read More on Bloomberg

5. The garment industry, excluded from downtown planning, finally gets to have its say: For the past decade, city planners and stakeholders in downtown Los Angeles have been crafting a plan that would set the area’s development priorities for the area for the next 20 years. – Read More on the LA Times

6. Gen-Z is redefining the luxury market: The challenge for brands is that Gen Z has increasingly divergent value systems from previous generations of consumers. To attract and keep them engaged, luxury brands are rapidly having to move beyond the traditional notions of luxury. – Read More on Fortune