1. Forerunner Ventures is launching the Brand Power Score to help companies assess how impactful their brands is: This is partly to help start a conversation about new ways that founders and CEO can invest in their branding. – Read More on Fast Co.

2. How AI is creating a ‘Wild West’ scenario for entertainment giants like Spotify, Disney: Adding to the complexities is the question of whether AI-generated content can be protected and who gets compensated for it. – Read More on Yahoo

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4. Will AI topple Michelin, the Oscars, Goop and Other Curation Brands? In a world of superabundance, consumers have long turned to recommendation brands that sift, sort, select and reject according to their own (often opaque) standards. – Read More on Bloomberg

5. Taco Bell wants to liberate “Taco Tuesday” from trademark restriction: Taco Bell announced on Tuesday that it is looking to get the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to cancel the trademark registration that Wyoming-based Taco John’s has owned for the last 34 years. – Read More from Taco Bell

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