1. Supreme Court sidesteps ruling on scope of internet company immunity from lawsuits over user content: The court in a brief unsigned opinion did not decide the legal question of whether liability protections enshrined in Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act safeguard YouTube’s alleged conduct. – Read More on NBC

2. Burberry’s Makeover Is Long and Slow: The brand’s sales are weakening in the U.S. Most high-end brands are experiencing the same trend: Bank of America analysts expect U.S. luxury sales to fall by 10% in 2023. – Read More on the WSJ

3. Lightspeed CEO breaks down Q4 earnings, sector growth, luxury spending, outlook: “We’re seeing very strong demand for apparel, jewelry, and especially a strong demand for anything related to experimental hospitality.” – Read More on Yahoo

4. Politicians Need to Learn How AI Works—Fast: There is a significant risk of regulatory capture if major AI and tech companies have too much influence over the direction that regulators take. – Read More on Wired

5. Google, Meta, and Amazon’s next frontier: AI-generated ads. Amazon is working on a way to generate photos and videos for companies looking to create advertising campaigns on the platform. The company is also rumored to be building a conversational AI search tool. – Read More on the Verge

6. How luxury giant LVMH built a recession-proof empire: Through Arnault, LVMH plays “the long-term game,” said Oliver Chen, managing director at TD Cowen. That keeps the company’s brands in good shape in terms of integrity, perception, and relevance. – Read More on CNBC