Image: Armani

1. Banks are more ESG aware but struggle with data: A poll showed that respondents pointed to a lack of resources and education, along with difficulty measuring environmental and social progress, as the biggest challenges to putting together ESG programs. – Read More on S&P Global

2. Going green steals show for fashion industry: More than 67% of consumers said they pay attention to sustainable fashion products, while 26% would buy such products, according to a survey in 2019 by the China National Textile and Apparel Council’s Office for Social Responsibility. Only 2% said they were not interested in sustainable products. – Read More on China Daily

3. “Fashion Cannot Survive Long in an Exclusively Virtual Form”—Giorgio Armani Is Returning to the Physical Runway: “I believe there will be a return to physical shows, turned into digital experiences for the global audience. I imagine more intimate but exciting events, and in general a great freedom of expression, and this is something very positive. I believe that ‘less but better’ is the way to go, in all fields, not last as a sign of respect for the planet.” – Read More on Vogue

4. Afterpay To Debut See Now, Buy Now At New York Fashion Week: One of the main frustrations of watching NYFW shows unfold was the consumer who was watching could see things they absolutely wanted to buy right then. But unless the consumer also happened to be a corporate buyer, what was visible on the runway wasn’t for sale — and wouldn’t be in stores for several months at a bare minimum. – Read More on PYMNTS

5. How NFTs can help luxury brands reach young HNWIs: With NFTs having already attracted a global interest, luxury brands can now use these tokens to find new ways of telling their story and interacting with their clientele. Today’s wealthy consumers want to understand the story behind the products they buy, and for these products to spark a connection between them and other like-minded individuals. – Read More on The Drum