1. Why Some Companies Keep Getting Away With Higher Prices: In the past, companies when they would raise prices, they would sort of do it very quietly. A lot of companies tend to be secretive about their strategy and their pricing and they don’t want to share with competitors what they’re doing, and they certainly don’t want consumers to feel like they’re being ripped off. – Read More on the WSJ

2. German Artist Michael Moebius Wins $120M in a ‘Monumental’ Lawsuit Against Hundreds of Foreign Counterfeiters: Moebius sued 399 separate companies based in China and other foreign nations that he claimed had violated his copyright by selling “counterfeit versions” of his images. – Read More on Artnet

3. TikTok users file lawsuit to block Montana ban: Five TikTok users in Montana who create content posted on the short-video app filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking to block the state’s new ban on the Chinese-owned platform. – Read More on Reuters

4. Who Is Going to Regulate AI? Whether Congress, the EU, China, or even U.S. states or courts take the lead will determine both the speed and trajectory of AI’s transformation of the global economy, potentially protecting some industries or limiting the ability of all companies to use the tech to interact directly with consumers. – Read More on HBR

5. BeReal v BeReal: Trademark battle set to go to tribunal. A small business owner who is in a naming rights row with a French social media app that has the same name has hit out at its “threatening” conduct. – Read More on BBC

6. Creatives compete in first AI fashion week. How will it impact the industry? “We had over 400 submissions from around the world. And what was interesting for us, there were many people who had submitted amazing collections that you could imagine being on any runway in any of the major cities.” – Read More on Marketplace