1. Prada ‘optimistic’ of Milan listing, heir of fashion group says: “The biggest risk to luxury is too much social tension between rich and poor,” he said of China as well as western markets. – Read More on the FT

2. Luxury goods boom: why prices are rising. Global economic and political factors are driving price rises but there’s another reason: brands know they can get away with it because post-Covid revenge spending continues unabated. – Read More on Spear’s

3. After Nike’s virtual sneaker drop, NFT cynicism is making way for intrigue among marketers: Nike is reaching out to self-identified fans with token-gated content and exclusive experiences in NFT form. It is not “selling a jpeg” or appealing to speculators. – Read More on Modern Retail

4. Luxury brands are using blockchain to enhance the buying process. Cartier uses Aura’s blockchain technology to confirm repair transactions and share the condition of its pieces with owners. – Read More on Retail Insight

5. New Zealand Honey Producers Fail to Secure Manuka Trade Mark. New Zealand’s Intellectual Property Office has declined an application to register “Manuka Honey” as a trade mark, delivering a legal victory to Australian producers who have argued the product is not unique to New Zealand. – Read More on Bloomberg

6. RETRO READ: Pricey Beauty Products, Organized Crime & a Global Legal Battle: The $220M+ Manuka Honey Industry. Like Champagne, Porto wine, and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, which are covered by Protected Geographical Status laws, Manuka honey should be subject to protected status, they argue. – Read More on TFL