1. Do we need fashion weeks anymore? How the metaverse, digital avatars and live-streamed catwalk shows are democratizing the luxury landscape. The discussion surrounding whether the traditional fashion calendar that has operated for decades still suits the modern era has fueled heated debate ever since the pandemic began. – Read More on SCMP

2. Meet the Luxury Blockchain: Brands will be able to enjoy enhanced security and transparency when it comes to their transactions. And because the consortium is built on blockchain, they’ll also have access to a wealth of data and insights to improve the customer experience. – Read More on CDO Trends

3. High-fashion collabs mark new chapter in rivalry between Nike and Adidas: Previously, the battleground for sports brands was around trainer launches and sports star sponsorship deals, but it was proving hard for brands to ensure player exclusivity. – Read More on the Guardian

4. Consumers Aren’t OK. Why April Retail Sales Are Misleading: General merchandise sales fell because food inflation pulled more dollars away from other items. “Inflation is masking the ‘real’ data that is not as favorable as some believe.” – Read More on Barron’s

5. Shipping’s $500 Billion Profit Can Take on Amazon: Having made $19 billion of net profit last year, the world’s third-largest container line by capacity could afford to acquire all of Air France with plenty of change to spare. And because the world’s ports are still chockablock and freight rates remain sky-high, it will probably earn even more this year. – Read More on Bloomberg