Image: Unsplash

1. Uniqlo Made a Bet on Comfortable Bras. Now It’s Paying Off: Fast Retailing declined to disclose details on Uniqlo’s innerwear sales, but said the wireless bra was among the top 30 selling products in most of its markets. It’s also the fastest-growing product in the last decade within the women’s underwear segment. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. The Secret Psychology of Sneaker Color: Repetition is how you win the color game. You may see Volt and recoil, but you’ll always think “Nike.” As colors go, it is a paradigm for brand marketing. “We did a complete technology innovation study about how color showed up on HDTV and sports tracks,” said Martha Moore, a Nike vice president and creative director. “We were studying the idea of speed and what color complemented that in the vibration of the human eye.” – Read More on the New York Times

3. Reading the State of Retail in Fashion’s Quarterly Reports: As the world opens back up, most expect consumers to change again, rolling into the future instead of reverting back to where they were in early 2020. But as shoppers evolve, they are starting from an outlook that’s been shaped by a year spent closer to home for many. – Read More on Yahoo

4. From Signature Colors to Upcycling: Luxury Packaging Is Often More Powerful Than the Products. “The average consumer may not see that it’s custom, but you want to create something that no one else can copy.” In other words, pick a color that’s complex enough that it’s costly for copycats to profitably replicate en masse. – Read More on Robb Report

5. RETO READ: How Difficult is it to Successfully Claim a Color as Your Trademark? Being world-famous is not enough in many cases. Counter the CJEU’s decision in the Louboutin case with an April 2017 decision from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, which held the cereal giant General Mills cannot claim exclusive rights in its Cheerios yellow. – Read More on TFL