Image: Gucci

1. The 3D artists helping fashion through Covid-19: How can you put on a fashion show without models? Or create a product line with no real materials? Those are the questions facing fashion brands and design companies as the world adjusts to the realities brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. – See More on BBC

2. Rebuilding the Nigerian Fashion Industry After Coronavirus: While the style capital of Africa remains shuttered, Nigerian fashion insiders have an ambitious plan to forge an independent path in a post-COVID world. “A lot of designers that depended on China, for example, are beginning to rethink their production cycle, resource access, and processes of creating.” – Read More on Okay Africa

3. Why Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada and other luxury brands were playing to win China’s 520 game: Luxury brands often create localized campaigns catering to Chinese customers – think Lunar New Year and Singles’ Day offers – this year’s 520 activities seem even more competitive than usual as luxury brands are eager to capture every possible opportunity to entice customers out of quarantine and make up for the loss in the first quarter of the year. – Read More on SCMP

4. Luxury Trendspotting Isn’t Easy in the Covid-19 Age: Masks have sparked a huge debate in the luxury industry as to whether to cash in. The danger is that luxury groups would be seen as profiteering from a health-care emergency. What’s more, according to consultants at McKinsey & Co., consumers shift to more subtle “silent luxury,” rather than in-your-face bling, after a large-scale crisis with a heavy emotional toll. – Read More on Bloomberg

5. Crocs Are Back In Style. And Not Just Because of Coronavirus: Crocs was the only footwear brand among the top 30 tracked by researchers at NPD Group to record sales growth in March, a 14% increase compared with the same month in 2019. It was also one of the two companies, along with sheepskin boot-maker Ugg, to log growth in April—a month when many stores were closed. – Read More on WSJ