Image: Rent the Runway

1. European Luxury Is More Chinese Than Ever: Amid all the uncertainty about how the Covid crisis will change business, it is probably safe to say that designer brands will be more reliant than ever on sales to Chinese shoppers—and on Chinese turf. – Read More on WSJ

2. How Will the Pandemic Change the Fashion Industry? Even before the coronavirus pandemic the fashion industry suffered from overproduction and overstock, according to Stephanie Phair, chair at the British Fashion Council. The global lockdown and its impact on retail presents “an opportunity to think about slowing down, focusing on creativity, quality and sustainability,” Phair says. – See More on Bloomberg

3. Europe’s luxury goods capitals reopen to new reality: Now brands such as Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton will have to cater more to their local clientele while also seeking to understand just how deeply the public health emergency has altered customers’ desires and shopping preferences. – Read More on the FT

4. Shopping habits of generation Z could spell end of fast fashion: “Young, values-oriented [shoppers] are looking for more responsible ways to consume. The pandemic has amplified this. More and more consumers will be comfortable with variety in their consumption choices – from buying new to circular options including rental and resale. A ‘divided wardrobe’ is inevitable.” – Read More on the Guardian

5. Things keep getting worse for fashion rental platforms: “As the retail sector emerges from the Covid-19-induced shutdown, customers’ appetite for rental apparel may diminish. High unemployment and massive discounts on clothing not sold in March and April will reduce the value proposition for rentals.” – Read More on Glossy