Image: Cartier

1. Great Fortunes Are Built on Great Tech. Or Handbags and Bubbly: One thing all five men at the top of Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index, including LVMH chairman Bernard Arnault, excel at is building moats around their businesses, differentiating their products and creating reputations for excellence that allow them to stave off competition and protect their profit margins. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. Rebecca Minkoff Makes Some Items Available to Rent Without a Monthly Subscription: Even before the pandemic, retailers were experimenting with tactics like options to buy now and pay later, selling secondhand items and live shopping events on social media, an approach that gained more traction during lockdown. Rental services are another one of those strategies. – Read More on the WSJ

3. Richemont’s perfect match has luxury price tag: Chairman Johann Rupert acknowledged that the $60 billion owner of Cartier had been approached by several suitors. Rupert has plenty of options, but the deal that makes the most sense will require a big concession. – Read More on Nasdaq

4. Where Fashion Stands with Asian Representation in the C-suite: The Asia Society survey also identified a pattern in corporate America where executive ranks had a significantly smaller percentage of Asian leaders in proportion to the overall number of Asian employees at the company. – Read More on Yahoo

5. Shoppers go back to stores, but retailers face challenges: The return to store shopping, highlighted in many retailers’ earnings reports in recent days, offers a big relief in part because shoppers return less when they make their purchases at the store — 8% compared with 25% for online, according to Forrester Research. And store customers tend to do more impulse buying. – Read More on AP News