Image: Amazon

1. Woman says fired her because she got “long COVID.” A former brand manager for Amazon’s fashion line The Drop in Manhattan, is seeking damages for alleged violations of federal, state and New York City disability laws. – Read More on Reuters

2. Metaverse Retail: Three Ways to Start Preparing for the Inevitable. What’s interesting is that these early examples of metaverse retail broadly replicate a market we recognize from the offline world. It’s similar to how retailers often start their digital offering by mirroring what they offer in-store. – Read More on Forbes

3. Americans Are Showing Inflation Fatigue, and Some Companies See a Breaking Point: Executives and analysts say that Americans’ buying power is being squeezed by inflation, which in March hit the highest annual rate since 1981. – Read More on the WSJ

4. Why Cartier remains a success story – it relies on iconic products with timeless looks just like Rolex and Hermès: Cartier has come out of the pandemic almost unscathed, and its CEO and president Cyrille Vigneron believes it is down to its focus on timeless products. – Read More on SCMP

5. By saying nothing as the world burns, the Met Gala shows we’re still living in a gilded age: The question of whether the Met Gala is the stage for political statements divides critics. – Read More on the Guardian