Image: Chanel

1. The Next Frontier of Shopping Will Be Livestreamed:  As we all grow more accustomed to watching, working, talking and buying online, livestream shopping may prove to be the best way to reach consumers in a post-Covid-19 world. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. Global Brands Need China’s Consumers to Spend. They Might Have to Wait: Caution hasn’t been a trait associated with the modern Chinese consumer, and it is unclear whether their reluctance to spend will be a lasting or temporary response to the pandemic. – Read More on WSJ

3. Luxury Brands, Get Ready: Changing consumer priorities will result in a trend toward the new luxury of wellbeing after coronavirus. Luxury brands can count on their rich customers to come back, maybe not with the same enthusiasm short term, but return they will. That will not be the case for the mass-affluent, however, who I call the HENRYs (high-earners-not-rich-yet). – Read More on Forbes

4. How The Pandemic Is Shaping Beauty Packaging: Airless packaging isn’t new. Many brands, especially luxury skincare brands, have relied on airless bottles and jars to preserve the efficacy of sensitive formulations. However, because of its ability to keep product contaminant-free, it’s finding favor now. – Read More on Beauty Independent

5. Fashion Education and Startup Accelerators: How COVID-19 is Changing the Fashion Industry. The industry is hurtling towards digital transformation, and students are learning how to use digital tools that allow for garment design and 2D garment pattern making to happen concurrently. – Read More on Forbes