Image: Moncler

1. Why can’t Gen Z—the world’s most eco-conscious generation—quit fast fashion? In the U.S., 75% say a brand’s sustainability is important when making a purchase, and 62% prefer to buy from sustainable brands. – Read More on Fortune

2. Moncler sales beat expectations in first quarter ahead of investor day: Overall revenues for the three months to end March totaled $622 million, up 60% from the same period a year ago and above an analyst consensus for 564 million euros provided by the company. – Read More on Reuters

3. Are NFTs the Future of Fashion? With the number of mobile-augmented-reality users expected to be in the billions by 2023, and with hands-free AR glasses predicted to become ubiquitous in a few years (Apple is expected to launch its own AR headset this year), digital fashion is just getting started. – Read More on Elle

4. How customers typically cope with inflation: Some firms shrink the package while keeping the price stable. People are getting the brand they want at the price they are prepared to pay, they are just getting less of it. – Read More on Biz Journals

5. Britain’s Boohoo targets increased sourcing from near-shore markets: Boohoo is targeting increased sourcing from the near-shore markets of the United Kingdom, Europe and northern Africa to reduce supply lead times. – Read More on Reuters