1. Shopify president: The future of retail is not just online. “The brands that are going to do really well, that are be really successful– they will sell wherever their consumer wants to buy, be that online or offline, in an app like our Shop app, or on a social media platform.” – Read More on Yahoo

2. Redefining “Sustainable Fashion.” We are going to use “responsible fashion,” a term that refers to a world in which all players, from the consumer to the CEO, the manufacturer and the farmer, take responsibility for their part in the supply chain and the creative process, and for the choices they make. – Read More on the New York Times

3. Under Armour profit to take hit from higher costs, China curbs; shares tank: Shipping delays and labor shortages have also pressured Under Armour’s ability to get its hoodies and shoes to stores, forcing it to cancel orders. – Read More on Reuters

4. The luxury market needs to hedge against China: A shift in spending habits in Asia and a crackdown on wealth by Beijing threaten a profit squeeze for high-end brands. – Read More on the FT

5. $800,000 for Skateboards: China’s Gen Z Collectors Upend the Art Market: Young collectors half-a-world away in China are poised to set the pace for a new Sotheby’s auction, as they compete remotely for everything from high-end watches to dinosaur artifacts to Andy Warhol. – Read More on the WSJ