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1. Used-clothing Sellers Are Back in Vogue: Used-clothing marketplaces ThredUp and The RealReal are seeing brisk business as container shortages, factory shutdowns, and increasing labor and transportation costs make new clothing more expensive and scarce for consumers. – Read More on the WSJ

2. Chile’s desert dumping ground for fast fashion leftovers: Chile has long been a hub of second-hand and unsold clothing, made in China or Bangladesh and passing through Europe, Asia or the United States before arriving in Chile, where it is resold around Latin America. – Read More on AlJazeera

3. How Fashion is Ramping Up its Climate Efforts at COP26: Along with commitments to cut emissions more rapidly, the Charter has also set a new target for 100% of “priority” materials – such as cotton, viscose, polyester, wool and leather – to be low climate impact by 2030. The agreement specifically points to materials that can be recycled in a closed loop. – Read More on Vogue

4. Brands Prepare to Take Competition Virtual as Metaverse Goes Mainstream: Nike has filed a number of trademark applications for virtual goods, while other brands that have launched virtual merchandise include Balenciaga, which dropped a series of new outfits in Epic Games’ Fortnite; Vans, which launched a skatepark/shop with Roblox; and Gucci, which saw someone spend over $4,000 for a virtual handbag earlier this year. – Read More on PYMNTS

5. Fast-Fashion Retailer Primark Bets on Swift U.S. Expansion. Investors Like ItThe company says it is now counting on “significant progress” in 2021-2022, with Primark sales recovering by at least the £2 billion ($2.7 billion) lost over the past year. The retailer plans to expand its number of stores worldwide to 530 from 398 in the next five years. – Read More on Barron’s