1. UBS calls Ralph Lauren a ‘turnaround stock,’ sees fashion brand rallying 36 percent: Changes in Ralph Lauren’s business make the clothing brand a good investment coming out of the pandemic, according to UBS analyst Jay Sole. – Read More on CNBC

2. Congress should pass out-of-state e-commerce sales tax legislation, watchdog says: New laws are needed to standardize sales taxes for e-commerce businesses that operate across state lines, a new report from the federal government’s internal watchdog recommends. – Read More on The Hill

3. Wealthy consumers showing ‘greatest change in behavior,’ retail analyst says: “At the $100,000 and higher level, we are seeing really kind of reduction – real changes across the board, whether it’s related to food, health care, apparel, as you mentioned, home goods, and other big-ticket items.” – Read More on Yahoo

4. Retailers accelerate shift to forest friendly fibers at COP27: Retailers including H&M, Kering and Inditex will purchase over half a million tons of low-carbon alternative fibers for clothing and packaging to help reduce global emissions, they said Monday. – Read More on Reuters

5. Balenciaga Leaves Twitter—Will Other Brands Follow Suit? Balenciaga is the latest in an exodus of major brands and users, including Whoopi Goldberg and Shonda Rhimes. Additionally, a rising number of major corporations and advertisers have paused activity and advertising on the platform since Musk took control of the company. – Read More on Vogue

6. SPAC offerings, deals fall to pre-surge levels: “Bitter economic conditions, political unrest, repeat regulatory hits, the uncertainty of the proposed SEC rules, loudly touted examples of a few bad apples, and continued media negativity have left the SPAC market tattered and bruised.” – Read More on S&P Global