Image: Rent the Runway

1. Why Western luxury brands bought by Chinese investors fail – the buyers lack the experience and know-how to turn them around: “Chinese investors so often buy struggling brands that need a turnaround. They look for brands that they can get for a good price, but by doing this they end up setting the bar very high for themselves. Making a turnaround really isn’t easy in fashion.” – Read More on SCMP

2. The Fashion Industry Could Reduce Emissions—if It Wanted To: Instead, the fashion industry has been harping on the Circular Economy, a concept in which materials are recycled endlessly through the supply chain. – Read More on Wired

3. Buying second-hand luxury goods? Fakes are rampant, so buyer beware: Human authenticators are expensive, and tech-powered solutions designed to improve – and perhaps ultimately replace them – continue to evolve. These systems are still in their infancy, though. – Read More on CNA Luxury

4. Clothes rental services won’t break our fashion addiction: Clothes-rental businesses are as much of a solution to the problem of fast-fashion consumption as a tea towel is when faced with a flood – if we’re serious about real change, somebody needs to try to turn off the tap. – Read More on the Guardian

5. How Fashion Brands Can Enter Web 3.0 Metaverse Worlds: By using NFTs in a metaverse, fashion brands will have access to a new revenue stream. Instead of only selling physical products and charging people for every visit to the virtual showroom, fashion brands will be able to make money by selling their virtual items and clothing on a decentralized market. – Read More on Nasdaq

6. Retailer Rue Gilt Groupe Files for IPO Showing Revenue Gains: The off-price e-commerce company in its filing Friday listed the size of the offering as $100 million, a placeholder that will change when terms of the share sale are set. – Read More on Bloomberg