1. Would Twitter get online publisher immunity in fake ‘blue check’ suits? Anyone who sues will be testing novel theories. And to prevail, plaintiffs will have to show why Twitter is not entitled to immunity under a law that grants it broadly to online publishers for content posted by their users. – Read More on Reuters

2. eBay Opens Store in NYC that Accepts Pre-Owned Luxury as Currency: “The Luxury Exchange gives shoppers an opportunity to appraise and sell their valuable goods, and add something new to their personal collections.” – Read More on Yahoo

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4. Becoming indispensable: Moving past e-commerce to NeXT commerce. E-commerce needs a big upgrade grounded in a commitment to become indispensable to the customer through an exponentially deeper level of engagement online and offline. – Read More on McKinsey

5. Chinese brands outnumber foreign names among Singles Day best-sellers: Chinese consumers clutched their wallets tight in this year’s Singles Day and continued seeking relatively economical home brands over pricier expensive labels, as strict COVID-19 curbs and economic uncertainty weighed on the shopping extravaganza. – Read More on Reuters