Image: Prada

1. Why Fast Fashion Has to Slow Down: On average, fast fashion customers discarded inexpensive dresses, shirts, and pants after wearing them as few as seven times. A limited shelf life was part of the allure. – Read More on Sloan Review

2. For Sustainable Fashion to Make Real Progress, Cross-Generational Collaboration Is Crucial: “When it comes to worker rights, we’re still talking about living wages. That hasn’t changed in the decade-plus that I’ve been working in this space. Brands still have the same excuses.” – Read More on R29

3. Prada CEO Says He’ll Hand Over Top Job to Son Within Three Years: Prada SpA Chief Executive Officer Patrizio Bertelli plans to put his son Lorenzo in charge of the Italian fashion company within the next three years, a generational shift aimed at keeping the business under family control. – Read More on Bloomberg

4. RETRO READ: Prada is Looking to Try its Hand at Building Out a Group Again, Sources Say. On the heels of stating in March that the family – which owns 80 percent of the Prada Group – was “open” to acquiring other brands, there is talk that Ms. Prada and Mr. Bertelli’s son Lorenzo, an ambitious new member of the family firm, could take over the business in as few as two to three years. – Read More on TFL

5. Macy’s Follows Amazon, Walmart in Development of Digital Marketplace: Macy’s is planning to launch a curated digital marketplace for third-party sellers in the second half of 2022, following the model set by Amazon, Walmart, Target and other retailers that have seen success in providing a platform for others, as digital sales continue to outpace in-store purchases. – Read More on PYMNTS

6. Dior pulls photo in China show criticized for “smearing Asian women.” The photograph, which was part of the Lady Dior exhibition in Shanghai, shows an Asian woman dressed in a traditional costume and holding a Lady Dior bag. State-owned media slammed the photo for perpetuating a stereotype of Asian women. – Read More on SCMP