1. Shein’s Cotton Tied to Xinjiang—Where China Is Accused of Forced Labor: Tests conducted for Bloomberg showed Shein had used cotton from the Xinjiang region of China in some of its clothing, which is banned in the US. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. Comparing trademark issues in very different industries: Trademarks are widely used by fashion brands to protect themselves from knockoffs and other infringing products. Companies can use trademark law (in the form of trade dress) to protect visual characteristics of their products, such as color or patterns. – Read More on Reuters

3. It’s Time to Focus on the “G” in ESG: For all the debate surrounding the use of ESG for investing, virtually no attention has been paid to a core tension in the ESG policies of major investors and rating agencies — the discordance of the “G” from the “E” and “S.” – Read More on HBR

4. Shaking Off the World’s Worries, Jewelry Focuses on Growth: Among luxury jewelry brands, optimism has never been higher. How else to explain why Bulgari and Cartier are expanding jewelry factories and opening new ones, Tiffany & Company is on a retail renovation spree and Prada just introduced its first fine jewelry collection? – Read More on the New York Times

5. Women Are Key Metaverse Users, But Men Dominate Jobs Shaping It: Women are spending more time in the early iterations of the metaverse and are more likely to spearhead initiatives in the new and developing next generation of the internet, but men still hold 90% of executive positions at organizations shaping this emerging economy. – Read More on Bloomberg