Image: Chrome Hearts

1. Luxury Resale Creates High-Class Challenge: 4 Silver Bullets. Take the Rolex. A second-hand market for it and other luxury watches is mainstreaming fast because, despite rising global demand, the makers of the timepieces are maintaining tight production levels. – Read More on Forbes

2. Lulu’s Fashion Lounge Eyeing Up to $707 Million IPO Valuation: Already Rent the Runway, Olaplex Holdings, Warby Parker, On Holding and many others have gone public. Allbirds is expected to join them soon. – Read More on Yahoo

3. Food fraud and counterfeit cotton: the detectives untangling the global supply chain:  Companies that fake their own wares are unusual. More commonly, raw materials get accidentally mixed up as they make their way through supply chains, or dubious third parties pass off low-grade goods as high-quality products. – Read More on the Guardian

4. Is ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ Dead? Not For L.A. Brand Chrome Hearts. Keeping nearly everything in-house allows the brand to nimbly respond to the desires of its customers. But … at the same time, producing luxury goods in America is challenging and costly. – Read More on the WSJ

5. RELATED READ: The Enduring Rise of Chrome Hearts is an Exercise in Amassing and Policing Branding. Aside from building out their retail footprint to upwards of 30 stores, and expanding their offerings beyond jewelry and leather goods to Bella Hadid-endorsed crop tops and those increasingly-ubiquitous cross-adorned jeans, Chrome Hearts’ surge in popularity comes as the company has been working overtime to build out its brand. – Read More on TFL

6. The future of Ralph Lauren’s iconic polo, and retail, may be coloring your own clothes in the store: New and unique retail experiences are critical to apparel company efforts to bring shoppers back post-pandemic. – Read More on CNBC