Image: Ted Baker

1. Will gamification soon be everywhere in the online retail space? Online retailers quickly adopted the use of the Twitch platform, and it has been hugely successful in boosting sales and raising awareness of products. It makes sense for retail to look to gaming to see what other aspects they can appropriate. – Read More on RTIH

2. France’s CAC 40 Posts First Record Close Since Dot-Com Era: France’s benchmark CAC 40 Index posted its first record close since the dot-com era, helped by booming demand for luxury goods, and a rebound in energy and banking stocks. – Read More on Bloomberg

3. FTC’s Effort to Strengthen Online Privacy Protections Faces Hurdles: The U.S. has no national data privacy law, forcing businesses to comply with state laws, plus industry regulations and sundry other rules. At some point, this mishmash becomes untenable. – Read More on the WSJ

4. RELATED READ: As Consumer Data Becomes Increasingly More Valuable to Companies, Is it Time for a Comprehensive U.S. Privacy Law? For decades, U.S. laws have made people individually responsible for protecting their own privacy. Businesses can legally use personal data for almost anything, provided they at least tell consumers what they’re going to do, and give people a chance to object. – Read More on TFL

5. Beijing police bust firm stealing data from live-streaming e-commerce apps as China boosts personal information protection under new law: The Beijing police’s action and Li’s vehement denial reflect the high stakes involved in Beijing’s crackdown against dubious internet activities and on the PIPL’s restrictions on the collection, use and management of personal data. – Read More on SCMP

6. Facebook’s rebrand to Meta vs. Google’s rebrand to Alphabet: One similarity between the two rebrandings, for certain, is the stock market’s positive response to both Google and Facebook rebranding. – Read More on S&P Global