1. US Supreme Court to consider recommender algorithms in key internet shield case: In Gonzalez v. Google LLC, the court will determine if Google LLC’s YouTube LLC is liable for content the platform algorithmically recommends to users. – Read More on S&P Global

2. Global luxury groups confident in Chinese market: Luxury sales in China are increasingly benefitted by duty-free shopping in Hainan amid the country’s efforts to turn Hainan into an international tourism island, constructing the Hainan Free Trade Port and pursuing high-level opening-up. – Read More on Global Times

3. Customers clamor for secondhand luxury goods: With the increased popularity of e-shopping, online luxury trading platforms have emerged. The number of such platforms has risen rapidly, and they offer high growth potential and commercial value. – Read More on China Daily

4. France’s Auction of Rolexes, Birkin Bag Shows Luxury Appetite: The second-hand items were among hundreds of goods on auction that had been seized by French customs officials as contraband. In total, the sale brought in €1.36 million, compared with the €1 million the government had hoped to raise. – Read More on Bloomberg

5. Fashion Brands Accused of Sourcing Polyester Made from Russian Oil: A new report has accused several American and European fashion chains, including Esprit, New Look and Next, of inadvertently funding Russia’s war on Ukraine for using polyester derived from Russian oil. – Read More on Forbes

6. Prada Captures the Zeitgeist for All Things ‘90s: Prada has been investing heavily — more than €200 million ($194.9 million) last year — in its digital capabilities, store network and supply chain. – Read More on the Washington Post