1. Fast-Fashion Upstarts Are Using Shein’s Own Strategies Against It: The breakneck supply chain pioneered by Shein is allowing a new swathe of brands to make the most of operating in the colossal retailer’s slipstream. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. Retailers have a new holiday headache — people are spending their money on travel: The holiday season will test consumers’ spending priorities, especially amid inflation, as retailers try to lure back customers who bought a lot of stuff during the Covid pandemic. – Read More on CNBC

3. How American Eagle Reinvented Its Fulfillment Strategy: Should the delivery companies it acquired still serve other customers, including if they were American Eagle competitors? Ultimately, the company decided that it should, opting in effect to share its supply chain with other retailers in a bid to compete with Amazon. – Read More on HBR

4. In case you missed this: With plans to open 14 new stores, Forever 21 plots a comeback strategy. Following its bankruptcy filing in 2019, Forever 21 is rebuilding its presence throughout the U.S., while turning to collaborations, influencers and a better-curated assortment. – Read More on Modern Retail

5. The $300 Million Sneaker King Comes Undone: Prosecutors allege Michael Malekzadeh collected preorder funds from customers while knowing he couldn’t fill all the orders. Since at least 2020, he spent more than $10 million of the company’s preorder proceeds on luxury goods. – Read More on the WSJ