Image: Tiffany x Supreme

1. Companies Grapple With Post-Pandemic Inventories Dilemma: Companies are wrestling with how big their inventories should be, since the pandemic highlighted the dangers of having both too much and too little stored away. – Read More on the WSJ

2. Is Experiential Marketing the Future of Retail? Considering how fast-paced society is today, more shoppers prefer quick and meaningful store experiences over inconvenient ones. That’s why the “pop-up” business model is among the leading examples of how low-cost and effective experiential marketing can be. – Read More on Inc.

3. Tiffany Looks to Supreme to Help Capture Younger Consumers: The collection, which features a white t-shirt with the Supreme logo in Tiffany’s iconic robin egg blue color, is set to release this Thursday. Supreme is owned by apparel producer VF Corp. – Read More on Bloomberg

4. RETRO READ: Monopolizing and Monetizing a Color: What is the Value of Tiffany & Co.’s Trademark Blue Hue?The “TIFFANY & CO. brand is the single most important asset of Tiffany,” with trademark rights proving “essential to the competitiveness and success of the company’s business.” – Read More on TFL

5. Inditex’s fast fashion makeover offers a pandemic lifeline: Inditex was able to sell stock from shuttered stores during the worst moments of the pandemic, to push inventories down and profits up in the aftermath of the crisis, and to intensify its drive to bring together in-person and online shopping. – Read More on the FT

6. Stella McCartney tells COP26 the future of fashion “looks bleak.” McCartney says that there are “what feels like gazillions of fashion houses. We’ve got to have a method to measure across the board, there needs to be law on that. Our politicians need to step up.” – Read More on Yahoo