1. Luxury looks less vulnerable to inflation, but isn’t immune: While the luxury sector looks less exposed to inflationary pressures than mass-market retailers, this isn’t the case for all players. – Read More on Mint

2. K-pop stars help boost heritage jewelry brand sales: Associating with these K-pop stars is a way for the jewelers to be culturally relevant, reach a new younger audience, and boost sales in an uncertain macroeconomic environment. – Read More on the FT

3. Europe gives final sign off to rebooted e-commerce rules: The DSA lays out content moderation and marketplace rules that aim to streamline the removal of illegal content, services or products and drive accountability around such decisions. – Read More on TechCrunch

4. Adidas Seeks New Boss to Bring Buzz to Brand and Bottom Line: Even more problematic is China, where Western brands face consumer boycotts. The problem is particularly acute for Adidas, which has increasingly looked to the country for growth. – Read More on Bloomberg

5. Gen Z’s Favorite Brands: The oldest members of Gen Z are entering their mid-20s, expanding their foothold in the workforce and marketplace. This makes adapting to their consumer preferences an ever more important consideration for brands. – Read More on Morning Consult