1. ‘Recession? What Recession?’ Say Luxury Shoppers: LVMH’s results have been helped by the fact that the euro has been whittled down compared to the dollar. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. Luxury’s Resilience Hasn’t Been Tested Yet: LVMH CFO Jean Jacques Guiony pointed out that, so far, a “preannounced recession…has not materialized” and spending on luxury goods tends to be more impacted by, say, real-estate prices than a slowdown in economic growth. – Read More on the WSJ

3. How Amazon’s big private-label business is growing and leaving small brands to protect against knockoffs: There’s generally nothing illegal about copying brand-name products. It’s a business practice that, in some capacity, is widely used by most major retailers. – Read More on CNBC

4. Millennials and Gen Z Are Fueling a Boom in the Second-Hand Watch Market: Annual sales of second-hand watches will jump to 35 billion Swiss francs by 2030 from 20 billion francs now, consulting firm Deloitte said in an industry report that surveyed consumers and watch brand executives. – Read More on Bloomberg

5. Should Data be a Luxury for the Fashion Industry? Luxury (like many other industries) is suffering from widening expectations, from products and locations to service and attention, and even more subtle aspects such as the feeling of “am I really special to this brand?” – Read More on Retail Touch Points