Image: Walmart

1. Apparel’s Next Hot Destination Could Be Target or Walmart: It is possible that full-price apparel consumers are now picking clothes up at mass merchants to consolidate their shopping trips. As long as the pandemic persists, which could be a while, consumers will continue to prefer retail locations that sell necessities over those that sell only discretionary items. – Read More on the WSJ

2. RELATED READ: The Evolution of Walmart & its Quest to Become an E-commerce (and Fashion) Destination. Amazon is chipping away at Walmart’s market share by offering up the every-day household products – and groceries – that are precisely what have helped turn Walmart into the market’s biggest behemoth. To better compete, Walmart has been been focusing on e-commerce and … fashion. – Read More on TFL

3. “What is the ecological role of fashion?” Fashion’s next generation goes green: Under pressure from increasingly environmentally-aware shoppers, brands from luxury fashion houses to high street names also are taking steps to reduce waste. – Read More on Reuters

4. A Proposal For The Fashion Industry: Could Demand Side Innovation Save Us?  Brands need to dive deeper into understanding their core customer and psychologies to develop specific  products in order to stay profitable and protected in their market space. With fewer options that customers don’t actually want overwhelming them, they will be willing to pay a bit more for the item that meets their needs accurately and in a way that’s just good enough: quality over quantity at its finest. – Read More on Forbes

5. With resale, Ikea is trying to find new ways to acquire customers: Ikea’s efforts to build out a resale business – the company will also be opening a secondhand shop in Sweden next year – coincide with its efforts to find new customer acquisition channels. – Read More on Modern Retail